COVID – Drill Protocol

In preparation for the drills, please see the attached documents regarding the regulations from USNSCC Headquarters. These requirements are in aligned with Anne Arundel County and Maryland Departments of Health Guidelines.

At arrival, Cadets should remain in their car until a TSRM instructor / officer comes by to check their temperature and collect their paperwork. Each drill Cadets should bring the following forms filled out prior to arrival:

  1. The USNSCC Intake Checklist
  2. The USNSCC COVID19 Attestation

Please present the forms to the officer who checks your temperature.

The signed “attestation form” and “intake checklist” must be handed to the Check-In Personnel. No cadet should leave their vehicle until check-in is complete.  Other staff performing check-in must be checked-in by first arriving staff.

After Check-In is complete, cadets will form up by squad, at 6-foot intervals (double arm). There will be no close-quarter formations.

Staff and Cadets must have the following additional uniform items: 2 one-color cloth or surgical masks (no logos or patterns), personal hand sanitizer wipes or gels (at least 60% alcohol), and tissues.  Bring lunch and bottle/container of water in case we do not have access to refilling bottles.

TSRM Plan of the Month – July 2021

03 July Annapolis Parade – Independence Day Celebration TSRM & NE Region Units

03 JULY 2021 - Annapolis Independence Day Celebration Parade

03 JULParade Plan Of The Day -
Drop-off at Maryland Hall Parking lot
Pick-At Annapolis Dock Visitor Center
Parking: Amos Garrett Blvd, Navy Memorial Stadium parking (via Shuttle to College Ave Bladen Street)

Uniform of the Day


SD Whites
Color Guards will setup at Maryland Hall Parking (drop-off)

Adult Staff:

Dress Whites or alt Navy over Khaki pants/shorts
0915Check-in Maryland Hall Parking
**See Drop-off location***
Setup Color Guard Gear
0950March to line-up position

10:30Parade begins March -off
11:30 Approx.Wait for Dismissal (Annapolis Dock Visitor Center) -
Parents MUST report to NSCC Adult staff before for leaving with cadet pick-up. So that we do not have MIA cadets.

Drop-off location – Maryland Hall Parking lot

05 July Severna Park Parade – Independence Day Celebration w/ American Legion

05 JULY 2021 - Severna Park Independence Day Celebration Parade w/ American Legion Post 175

05 JULParade Plan Of The Day -
Drop-off at St. Martin in-the-Field School on Benfield Road
Pick-up At Cypress Creek Road and Ritchie HWY (650 Building - Allstate Parking)
Post Parade Picnic:
American Legion Post 175

Uniform of the Day


SD Whites
Color Guards will setup at St. Martin's in-the-field School(drop-off)

Adult Staff:

Dress Whites or alt Navy over Khaki pants/shorts
08:45Check-in St. Martin in-the-Field School
**See Drop-off location***
Setup Color Guard Gear
09:30March to line-up position

10:00Parade begins March -off
11:20 Approx.Pick-up At Cypress Creek and Ritchie HWY
Picnic At American Legion Post 175

Drop-off location – St. Martin’s-in-the-field School

Picnic at American Legion Post 175 after parade