TSRM P.O.D.s & Event Dates

  • 07 OCT Drill Halligan Hall
  • 21 OCT Drill MWR Rettelle
  • 04 NOV Drill Halligan Hall
  • 18 NOV Drill MWR Rettelle
  • 02 DEC Drill Halligan Hall
  • 16 DEC Drill Wreath Across America
  • 06 JAN Drill Halligan Hall
  • 20 JAN Drill MWR Rettelle

07 OCTDRILL - Halligan Hall - In doc day

Uniform of the Day


Complete set of uniforms
Arrive NWU T3 / Bring Winter Blues for re-fitting if needed/PT Gear/ lunch water bottle

New Recruit: school clothes/ Gym short or sweat pants/ - sneakers,
Adult Staff:

Navy over Khaki."
09:00Muster / Formation
Uniform inspections
09:15New Recruit intro
09:30Uniform Fitting - NWU T3, Winter Blues, Wear, and Care

NWU (Navy Working Uniform) - Type III
11:15Shift to PT gear/Gym shorts/sweats pant (new recruit)
Fitness Evaluation
General Order
Sailor's Creed
Sea Cadet Oath
13:00DRILL Facing Movement
13:50Summer Training Review
New Recruit (Parent session)

14:00NMCS Brigade March-on
14:30Announcements Dismissal

Reply of attendance on the D.E.A.N link.