Brief History on Unit Name – Wiki USS REINA MERCEDES

REINA MERCEDES (pronounced “Ray-na, Mer se’ Dis”)

From 1912 until 1957, USS Reina Mercedes served as the station ship at Annapolis, Maryland, with the exception of brief periods in 1916, 1927, 1939, and 1951 when she was towed to the Norfolk Navy Yard for docking and overhaul.

Until 1940 it was customary for United States Naval Academy midshipmen serving punishment to live and take their meals on board the old ship for up to two months at a time. She was never considered a “brig”, as sometimes recalled, for the midshipmen continued to attend all drills and recitations afloat and ashore but were required to sleep in hammocks in the ship and to take their meals on board. This practice was abolished on 5 September 1940, when restriction of midshipmen to their rooms in Bancroft Hall was substituted as a disciplinary measure.

Her main function from 5 September 1940 was to serve as quarters for enlisted personnel assigned to the Naval Academy and for the Commander of the Naval Station, who was also captain of the ship. She also served as the headquarters for the Naval Academy’s sailing activities and lookout and harbor control center. Until 1957, Reina Mercedes was humorously referred to as the “fastest ship in the fleet”, as she remained tied fast to the Naval Academy seawall.

Because her commanding officer was provided with quarters on board for his entire family, Reina Mercedes was the only U.S. Navy ship on which dependents were permitted to live. The name lives on as a BEQ (bachelor enlisted quarters) build at Naval Station Annapolis.

Training Ship is the assigned designations for Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) units operating separately from an NSCC battalion/division/squadron/ for cadets under 14.

Thus the our unit name is “Training Ship REINA MERCEDES” commissioned as a self supporting unit of NSCC in 1989.

Navy League Cadet Corps

The Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) is for boys and girls, at least 10 but not yet 14 years old, who are interested in the sea and ships, and our nations seagoing services. The Navy League program is designed to introduce young people to maritime and military life, and to prepare them for later entrance into the Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

Navy League Units

Cadets meet or “drill” at the unit bimonthly through out the year. The unit is structured along military lines and is headed by a Commanding Officer. The Commanding Officer is aided by an Executive Officer and an assortment of adult leaders. TS Reina Mercedes drills at Halligan Hall on the US Naval Academy, Annapolis.

The Training Ship Reina Mercedes has the main purpose to foster team work, leadership, camaraderie, respect, and an understanding of the military command structure among cadets while having fun!

Classwork and training during drills introduces cadets to naval life through instruction in basic seamanship, military drill and leadership. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is also added to the training curriculum when possible. Cadets can also participate in a one-week orientation and advanced specially-designed annual training sessions at multiple locations throughout the country.