TSRM P.O.D.s & Event Dates

  • NOTE: The June date changes
  • 04 JUN Drill Summer Training Prep & Picnic – Elks Camp Barret – Crownsville
  • 10 JUN Drill Summer Training Prep – MWR Rettelle
  • 19 AUG Drill & Community Service – MWR Family Fun Day Naval Station Annapolis
  • 09 SEP Drill & Recruit Cadet Indoc
  • 17 SEP Color Guard NMC Memorial Stadium – Travis Manion 9/11 Heroes Run
  • 23 SEP Drill
  • 30 SEP & 01 October Community Service American Legion Post 175

04 JUNDrill Plan Of The Day -
Picnic Parents and family are welcome to stay for the picnic - Please RSVP on "Sign-up" link below
Swim Qualification and Preparation for Summer Training

Uniform of the Day


NWU w/boots, PT Gear w/ sneakers, Swim suit & towel ( male navy blue trunks, female navy blue/back 1 piece)
Bring complete packed seabag with checklist for inspection (for cadets going to summer training)

Adult Staff:

NWU/Type 3 or alt Navy over Khaki pants/ shorts
08:45-09:00Check-in Elks Camp Barrett
09:00Muster / Formation

Sailor Creed
Sea Cadet Oath
Uniform inspection
0945shift Swim suit
10:00Swim qualifications
11:11Shift to NWUs
11:30Ceremony - Pipeouts
1:30Team Team Building

Reply of attendance on the D.E.A.N link.