TSRM P.O.D. 01 MAY 2021

01 MAYDrill Plan Of The Day -
SDW - Fitting/Refitting
Preparation for Summer Training

Uniform of the Day


NWU w/boots, fleece optional (weather dependent), compass optional, backpack w/ water bottle, lunch/snacks), PT Gear shorts/T-shirt sneakers
Cadets who need to re-fit SD Whites should bring them in for replacement
Cadets piping out should pack uniform, covers, coats, etc for return/refund

Adult Staff:

NWU/Type 3 or alt Navy over Khaki pants/ shorts
0845-0900In-Vehicle Checking Old NEX
**See Drill Locations***
0900Muster / Formation
LPO/ALPO Rotation:
Wheeler/Barber (AM) - O'Boyle T/Malloy (PM)
Sailor Creed
Sea Cadet Oath
Uniform inspection
Switch to PT Gear
0945PT/PRT - Mile Run, Shuttle Run, shuttle.

1045Head Break
Switch to NWUs
11:00Class: Phonetic Alphabets, Military Time
11:30 NWU/ boot shining/
13:00Marching, Facing movements
14:30Parent Session - Training Forms and document requirements
15:00Promotions, Announcements,
Dismissal at Old NEX